Forest Park

7230 W Madison St.

Forest Park, IL 60130

+708 771 7230

Skrine Chops

SkrineChops is an extraordinary grilling and barbecue experience in the heart of Chicago’s financial district. The specialty of our restaurant and catering business is the unique SkrineChop, a fresh, hot-off-the-grill juicy pork chop flavored with ten seasonings from around the world.

Our mission at SkrineChops is to provide you with excellent, flavorful food with a minimum of wait time during your busy lunch or dinner hour. We offer you a choice of SkrineChops, Barbecue Ribs Chicken or Chopped Salad, along with your choice of a tasty side dish and drink. We believe “quick” shouldn’t affect quality, and that’s why we specialize in fresh food with a homemade taste that can be taken anywhere you need to go.

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Skrine Chops in Forest Park feels like a North Woods hunting lodge. Everything, from the wide plank tables to the chairs to the floor, is wood. Taxidermy animals -- a fox, a polar bear and a wild cat among them -- glare down at patrons.
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Chicago Tribune
It sells spicy pork chops made in heaven. Get the pork chop sandwich, with a layer of mashed potatoes on a Turano bun. A few stools, nothing fancy, but the place is so good it haunts me, my mind looping Skrine Chops Skrine Chops Skrine Chops!!!
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Chicago Sun-Times
I love that skrines does a few things in a really great way. i love that they don't have a menu full of cheesy cocktails, but they make a mean bloody mary. i love that the price is right, the place is comfortable and i love that they serve 'till 11 on the weekends...
Kimberly C.
Forest Park, IL
Skrine Chops has a great atmosphere, a very cool bar with an electric train that circles overhead, an unbelievable BBQ Chicken Salad on REAL Greens, NOT ICEBERG lettuce (Like the Olive Garden) an AWESOME Blue Cheese and whole sliced potato salad, Guinness on draught, and friendly service! What more can one ask for? I give you a 10 and I WILL be back!
Mike L.
Chicago, IL