Forest Park

7230 W Madison St.

Forest Park, IL 60130

+708 771 7230

Owner and Grillmaster, Steve Skrine worked at the Chicago Board of Trade for over 22 years. Skrine started as a runner and tirelessly worked his way up, ultimately heading his own successful Brokerage company. A completely self-made man, Skrine’s success was the result of his risk-taking vision and loyal, gregarious nature. Skrine loves the Board of Trade, but his real passion in life has always been food and cooking. For years he’s made SkrineChops, his signature dish, for many friends, restaurants, pubs, charities and festivals throughout the city of Chicago and its suburbs.

For a man who so enjoys providing excellent food, whether it be on-site or in his kitchen to deliver to someone fresh or hot, the answer was obvious. In 2004, Skrine decided to invest his entrepreneurial spirit and love of people into a brand-new venture, a full-time restaurant and catering business. With much support from friends and family, SkrineChops was born.

Perhaps most famous is Skrine’s annual Christmas party for his friends and customers at the Board of Trade. In the dead of winter Skrine decorates his backyard with hundreds of lights and the party gravitates outside around his grills. Skrine cooks a different meat, fish or seafood every hour for eight hours straight, walking around with tasting portions for everyone to enjoy, talking, entertaining, celebrating the holiday with good food and friendship.