Forest Park

7230 W Madison St.

Forest Park, IL 60130

+708 771 7230

For catering call: 708-347-0170

SKRINECHOPS Catering Perfect for all occasions. We have successfully catered events of all sizes from small dinner parties to community festivals. For more infor-mation about our catering services visit our website at or call 708-347-0170.

Hire SKRINECHOPS to Cook We specialize in bringing our grills to your event or party and cooking on site. It gives you more flexibility and choices, and ensures your food will be eaten as it should – hot off the grill!

Order Freshly Seasoned Chops for Home Enjoy SKRINECHOPS at home anytime. Cooking instructions come with the box.
Contact SKRINECHOPS for additional information and ordering. Shipping and handling charges may apply.

Book a Party at the Forest Park location. Our beautiful event space holds up to 100 people.



Grilled Jumbo Shrimp (Dozen) - $25.00
Jumbo Chicken Wings (Dozen) - $20.00
Tray of Italian Sausage (Serves 20-30) - $100.00
Quart of Pico de Gallo with Chips - $20.00

SPECIALTIES (price per Piece)

Skrine Chop - $8.00
BBQ Chicken - $8.00
Half Slab - $11.00
Full Slab $18.00
Cowboy (Ribeye) - $23.00
Kansas City (Strip) - $24.00


Half Pan Yukon Gold Smash Potatoes
(Serves 15-20 People) - $40.00

Half Pan Blue Cheese Potato Salad
Half Pan Red Beans and Rice
Half Pan Pasta Salad
Half Pan Macaroni and Cheese
Half Pan of Homemade side
(Serves 15-20 People) - $40.00

Quart of Homemade side
(Serves 4-5 People) - $14.00

Tray of Seasonal Grilled Vegetables
(Serves 20 People)
 - $75.00


Pork Tenderloin Sandwich - $9.00
Pulled Pork Sandwich - $9.00
Skribeye Sandwich - $12.00
Hamburger - $8.00
Hot Dogs - $3.00
Mini Sandwiches - $3.5 Each
Choice of Burgers, Pulled pork, Pork tenderloin, BBQ or Plain Chicken.


Small Chopless Salad (serves 8-12 People) - $35.00
Large Chopless Salad (serves 20-25 People) - $65.00
Pork or Chicken Chopped Salad (Per Person) - $9.00
Steak Salad Per Person - $12.00
Large Fruit Salad (Serves 20-25 People) $75.00 (SEASONAL)


Serves 20-25 People - $60.00