Forest Park

7230 W Madison St.

Forest Park, IL 60130

+708 771 7230

April 7: Skrine Chops’ Pork tenderloin sandwich

OK, it's a tenderloin, not a chop. Sue me. It's still a fabulous slab of grilled pork, jazzed up with a secret, 10-ingredient seasoning (black pepper and rosemary prominent among the accents), plopped on a pile of rich mashed potatoes (yes, mashed) and nestled in a soft bun (made each morning by a local bakery). Porky heaven.

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Sandwich Monday: The Abe Lincoln

Fourscore and 700 calories ago, I took my first few bites of the Abe Lincoln Sandwich from Skrine Chops in Chicago. In a tribute to our 16th president, they've stacked up sausages like Lincoln Logs, set them atop a bed of mashed potatoes and doused them in barbecue sauce, all on a hamburger bun.

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For a meat-centric dinner, meet at Skrine Chops

First impressions: Skrine (rhymes with mine) Chops in Forest Park feels like a North Woods hunting lodge. Everything, from the wide plank tables to the chairs to the floor, is wood. Taxidermy animals -- a fox, a polar bear and a wild cat among them -- glare down at patrons. The light is dim, even at midday. The menu is simple and hearty and involves a lot of simply prepared meats. All of this adds up to a very cozy little bar and restaurant, especially in the winter. And, it turns out, this Skrine Chops which opened in April (there's another location at 400 S. Financial Place in Chicago), is a great place to take kids before the bar gets cranking, thanks to the menagerie of stuffed game and a model train that circles the restaurant overhead.

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